is the act of merging different elements in a synergistic union.   We must not only look at the realistic truth of our situation, have the knowledge of key components, bring in the word of God, but also add the insight and wisdom that God promises to provide.

If we apply these in proper amounts we obtain a solution or strategy that has the ability to move your business forward.



The creative process has many aspects to it.   You need to tap into all the industry knowledge you have, incorporate that with our wisdom and thought process, and then you need to integrate insight, foresight, and possibility thinking.    Once you have that then apply a dose of divine wisdom to truly bring innovation about.   

My experience has shown me that many executives while gifted and talented in the areas of administration and leadership would benefit by bringing in someone gifted in the ares of foresight.   I always thought that every executive should have an INFP/TP as part of their team.

If you are interested in a Fusioning workshop or Fusioning consultive work please contact me at 520-399-5170



Over the years while I have developed the concepts of Fusioning I occasionally am blessed with a new and innovative business idea.   As an INFP I am not really gifted in the area of business start ups and am more interested in moving on to the next great idea or business solution.   

As a part of my weekly blog and Fusioning Consulting I thought I would offer these ideas to the market place.    If you have a desire to start a new thriving business but lack an idea I might be able to help you.    I am flexible on how we develop a business relationship.    

At this moment I have 5 ideas that have been thought through and would be ready to go into a business planning mode.   If you are interested reach out on the contact page and I will get in touch with you.